Temporary jobs : Millenials contract ?

Temporary jobs : Millenials contract ? – For several years, changes in the supply and demand for labour have been felt and temporary contracts allow for a response to new aspirations by young graduates.

Changing trends in temporary jobs

From the side of supply of labour, young people born between 1980 and 2000 – Millenials – have other plans in mind and pursue other ambitions than those of their elders.  The era of job stability and security somewhere has given way to freedom and flexibility: what better way then to make use of temporary contracts. Furthermore, and this is an opportunity for this whole generation which has entered or is entering the labour market, temporary jobs don’t target administrative workers only but also professions in law, information technology and finance, to name only these disciplines. Employers will find a pool of skilled, adaptable and autonomous resources.

Much more than work-family balance 

A few years ago, flexibility represented the main advantage of the temporary contract, which allowed the employee to benefit from a vacation period, birth of a newborn, free time to be with family, etc.  Today, the temporary contract represents much more in the eyes of Generation Y: a real chance to discover new areas of activity, different environments, a variety of work methods (small companies, multinationals), acquire new skills, take on new challenges in a short period of time, take control of career development.  These young people, who are growing up in the information and internet age, somehow want to find on the labour market everything that the internet offers them: multiple skills, continuous news, opportunities that can be seized at any time…

The temporary contract and its limits 

While temporary jobs answer to a certain segment of millenials, it is still true and always will be so that there are employees who are not cut out for this type of job for a number of reasons: need for security (like their parents), need to belong to a team, resistance to change, desire to develop internally, etc.

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