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Since 2013, Temporaryjobs.ca has specialized in publishing temporary and seasonal jobs. A member of the Jobs.ca Canadian network of specialized websites, Temporaryjobs.ca posts hundreds of job offers across the country. It covers jobs as varied as administrative support, customer service, project management, the retail trade, finance and accounting, banking and insurance services, computers, the production sector, and even pharmaceuticals.

Temporaryjobs.ca has quickly become essential for professionals seeking fixed-term jobs. Businesses such as RBC, Metro, Agropur, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Belron and its subsidiaries, Allstate, Sandoz, … regularly use Temporaryjobs.ca to build up their staff. These recruiters appreciate finding a pool of specific candidates who are seeking this type of opportunity.

Whether you are a representative, receptionist, computer technician, project manager, brand manager, accountant, … you will easily find temporary job offers, for the most part exclusive and targeted.

A full section is dedicated to job search and provides articles and advice fully designed for candidates seeking fixed-term jobs: is it necessary to go through a placement agency, is this type of contract appropriate for your situation, will your personality be able to adapt to job changes and recurring schedules, are there salary differences with permanent contracts, etc.?

Temporaryjobs.ca is also a valuable tool for career management. Every day its blog and practical tips will help you prepare specific interview questions for this type of job, target the sectors or companies that generally offer the most fixed-term contracts in Canada, react if the company, at the end of the contract, offers to keep you, etc., and thanks to the news roundup section you will always be informed of the latest news linked to the world of temporary work.

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