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Rights and labour standards

A permit to be required for recruitment agencies?

To prevent “delinquent” agencies from exploiting vulnerable workers, the Couillard government wants to impose, in its bill on revising labour standards, the requirement for all recruitment agencies to obtain a permit. Some explanations. At this stage of the bill, its difficult to know what the concrete provisions will be. Without giving much detail, the Couillard […]

Career management

Will Your Next Job Be Freelance?

In the IT sector, more and more companies need extra resources and as a result are increasingly using the services of freelancers and consultants for temporary assignments. “There has never been a better time to go out on your own as an IT consultant or micro-entrepreneur,” says Caroline De Guire, president and CEO of the […]


Tour Guides – What Skills Set Them Apart?

Tour guide can be a dream job, because it lets you travel and share your passion and knowledge of a city, a site or a culture. However, it’s a seasonal job, often paid per assignment. How can you retain your clientele and employers? A tour guide is a professional, generally independent, who assists a group […]

Oddly enough

An Epic Job for This Summer?

Having a summer job that rhymes with freedom and wide open spaces… ‘Out’ with office walls and day camps! Harley Davidson, the symbol of America where anything is possible, may well make your dream come true. The celebrated motorcycle manufacturer is seeking 8 students for a 12-week ‘Find your freedom’ work placement. The 8 students […]

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4 Regions Where to Work in the Tourism Industry this Summer

Quebec’s tourism industry has annual revenues of $12.8 billion, with 31,292 establishments across the province in restaurants (50%), recreation and entertainment (21%), accommodation (18%), transport (7%) and travel services (4%), and with a large majority being small businesses (84% have less than 20 employees) and a workplace that is often enchanting. Want to participate in […]

Pay and benefits

How to Manage Your Finances as a Seasonal Worker

Summer is often the best-paying period of the year for seasonal workers. You have to be well organized to compensate for the slow winter period. Here are our tips to manage your budget! “Personally, my strategy is simple,” explains Félix Charbonneau, diver and seasonal worker. “I took my least-paying year and divided it by twelve, […]


Temporary Work as a Way of Life – Testimonial

A decade ago, temporary work was considered as extra income for professionals seeking permanent employment. However, today it is for many workers an attractive way of life. Emmanuel Caron, financial planner, has chosen to be a contractor and has a hard time leaving this type of contract and giving up the many benefits that ensue. […]

Career management

How to Transform a Temporary Assignment into a Permanent job?

Did you just land a temporary job? Now is the time to go into overdrive! By highlighting your skills and know-how, you will put all the odds in your favour to transform a temporary assignment into a permanent job. In 2016, 14% of salaried workers held a temporary job, according to the Institut de la statistique […]


Having Multiple Jobs is the New Trend!

Having a bread and butter job and another that is more like what really interests us is becoming quite common. Overview of these slashers who fuel themselves on dreams. “I often joke that I work three shifts a day: my daytime office job, my job as a mom in the evening and my job as […]

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How to Refuse a Temporary Contract Proposed by an Agency

Placement agencies sometimes offer positions which are not attractive to you. How do you refuse a temporary contract without closing doors? “A worker once refused a job because his shoes would get wet and he did not want to risk catching a cold by going outdoors!,” says Pierre Chaput, Director of Recruitment at Extra Multi-Ressources, […]

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How To Make Sure You Get Your Seasonal Job Back Next Year

Some organizations hire seasonally, whether for working in day camps, parks, municipal pools or ski resorts. Despite the temporary nature of the job, how can you stand out to be “re-drafted” next season? All too often, for a seasonal job, there is a massive hiring push, and all employees are on the same level to […]

Not to be missed

Nice Jobs at Ski Resorts for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

For winter sports enthusiasts, working at a ski resort has many benefits. Here are the nicest jobs at a winter resort. The snow has come, to the delight of the ski resorts… and of the instructors, who can begin their work. “The recruitment period begins in October,” explains Réal Lapointe, human resources advisor at the […]

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