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Is a Temporary Position Right for You?

A temporary position is a job with a fixed term, generally created to replace employees on sick, maternity or paternity leave, or on a sabbatical, for a boost in production or a strong seasonal demand, or to carry out special projects. The temporary employee is engaged full-time or part-time for a limited period of time […]


60,000 ICT Student Internships in the Next 5 Years

ICT Student Internships – The Government of Canada will contribute to the creation of 60,000 practical internships for students over the next five years. The ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) forecasts a labour shortage in the digital sector: 216,000 vacancies in Canada by 2021, and employment growth four times that of the global economy. […]

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Students at Work : Market Overview

In restaurants, along the shelves of grocery stores or at the cash of shops, many students make an attempt to reconcile temporary work with studying. Quebec is one of the provinces with the highest number of full time students with a job, behind Manitoba. What type of position do they choose and under what conditions? […]

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5 Tips to Turn Your Temporary Job into a Permanent Position

Do you enjoy your job and would like to stay in it permanently, but unfortunately it’s a time-limited contract? Don’t panic – there are techniques to multiply your chances of impressing your bosses and colleagues and turn your temporary job into a permanent position. 1. Make your intentions known Think about it – your superiors […]

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Non-Traditional Workers : Trend Overview

Non-traditional workers – Freelancers, self-employed workers, contract workers, remote workers, consultants… There are more and more non-traditional workers. Following the realities of the labour market, which goes for flexibility, adaptability and so-called “agile” business models and recruitment, they now constitute 20 to 30% of Canadian workers. Brief overview of a trend that is gaining momentum. […]

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Replacing Someone on Maternity Leave : Pros and Cons

Replacing someone on maternity leave – advantages and disadvantages Maternity leave is behind a large number of temporary contracts that employers use, seeking to replace an employee who is absent during her pregnancy and for the first few months of her child’s life. But for the substitute in question, does the situation have more advantages […]

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Full time studies and part-time work: How to’s

Combining full time studies and part-time work. Many young people work part time during their studies out of necessity, to pay the costs of education or simply to gain work experience. Although there are many benefits to working, reconciling full time studies and part-time work  is not always easy. Here are some tips to get there. […]

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Seniors part time work : Undeniable assets

Seniors part time work. The labour market is changing. Part-time work is no longer just for students and women. For the last few years, whether for financial reasons or for the love of work, those sixty and over have been pushing back the age to retire. And often, they choose part time work. The Canadian […]

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Working without contract : Questions from all angles

Working without contract – What is a work contract? Are there risks related to working without an established contract? Does the law on labour standards protect all types of work? Let’s examine these questions from all angles. Working without contract “I understood that,” “It seemed to me,” “I ignored that,” are phrases, Jocelyne Cotnoir often […]

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Europass : A European skills portfolio

Increased transparency with the Europass Doing an internship in Europe, pursuing studies or training in another countries, facilitating the free circulation of workers and the professional development of everyone; the opportunities offered by European education and training programs also involve major stumbling blocks. A person’s experience and apprenticeships are often neither listed, nor valued, or […]

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Preparing your maternity leave

Preparing your maternity leave and learn to delegate Testimonial by Caroline Webster, Human Resources Manager For the past three years, Caroline Webster has been the HR manager for the logistics platform of a large U.S. manufacturer of mechanical shovels. The young 30-year-old is in charge of recruiting, training and managerial coaching of executives on this 220-person […]

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Hiring foreign workers : penalties have been given

Noralta Lodge Ltd has been criticized for forging job applications in order to benefit from the temporary foreign workers program. The federal government recently added their name to the black list, which now includes five companies. Minister of Employment Jason Kenney made the announcement last spring just after the government had tabled a new bill. […] network