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How to Promote Yourself to an Employment Agency ?

Making a good impression with an employment agency can open many doors! Our advice on how to promote yourself to an employment agency. The network of employment agencies in many cases provides opportunities to get a good job. Sometimes neglected, the relationship with your agency can be decisive. “Having a good understanding with your advisor […]

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Are Temporary Jobs a Quick Solution to Escape Unemployment?

Some see it as a stepping stone, others as a lifeline. Temporary jobs vary in type and number, but there remains a reality: whether to bounce between two jobs, give meaning to your life or get out of a bad situation, they are still a sensible solution to get a foot in the door of […]

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What is the Role of Employment Agencies?

In 2017, across Canada, more than 400,000 workers had a job through 1,300 employment agencies which are members of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS). What is the role of employment agencies, concentrating, in Quebec and Ontario, about one-third of job offers? What is an employment agency? An employment agency means […]

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The Best Outdoor Jobs to Search for this Winter

Winter means snow… and seasonal employment! What are the best outdoor jobs to search for in cold weather?  “Outdoor jobs in winter are generally related to skiing and the outdoors,” says William Bérubé, recruitment adviser at Groupe Perspective. But for him, there is no doubt that the most sought after worker when the cold season […]

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Dare to apply without having all the qualifications !

Employers are increasingly demanding with regards to the skills of administrative employees. However, it is quite rare for a candidate to have all the requirements. Here are some tips of what to emphasize when you decide to apply without having all the qualifications. Zaïda B. Mangones, employability consultant at the Club de recherche d’emploi de […]

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Holiday Jobs that Can Pay Off Big!

Playing Santa Claus, wrapping gifts, lending a helping hand to a caterer… There is no shortage of holiday jobs, since the big stores, shops and restaurants see an influx of customers before Christmas. Here are some ideas for you to build a little nest egg in a festive spirit! The number of seasonal job offers […]

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How to get your first winter job when you are 16?

So you’re 16 years old and want to take advantage of the next winter season to build a little nest egg? With ski resorts in full swing and stores getting busy with the Christmas period, there are many opportunities. But don’t wait until the last minute to start your search! Here are some tips to […]

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Writing your CV for a Seasonal Job

Seasonal workers are frequently forced to change their employer or type of work. How can you successfully sell this variety of jobs to a recruiter? Some tips to stand out. Grouping your experience To give consistency to your CV, you can group your work experiences rather than presenting each one of your previous jobs separately. […]

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Is a Temporary Position Right for You?

A temporary position is a job with a fixed term, generally created to replace employees on sick, maternity or paternity leave, or on a sabbatical, for a boost in production or a strong seasonal demand, or to carry out special projects. The temporary employee is engaged full-time or part-time for a limited period of time […]


60,000 ICT Student Internships in the Next 5 Years

ICT Student Internships – The Government of Canada will contribute to the creation of 60,000 practical internships for students over the next five years. The ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) forecasts a labour shortage in the digital sector: 216,000 vacancies in Canada by 2021, and employment growth four times that of the global economy. […]

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Students at Work : Market Overview

In restaurants, along the shelves of grocery stores or at the cash of shops, many students make an attempt to reconcile temporary work with studying. Quebec is one of the provinces with the highest number of full time students with a job, behind Manitoba. What type of position do they choose and under what conditions? […]

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5 Tips to Turn Your Temporary Job into a Permanent Position

Do you enjoy your job and would like to stay in it permanently, but unfortunately it’s a time-limited contract? Don’t panic – there are techniques to multiply your chances of impressing your bosses and colleagues and turn your temporary job into a permanent position. 1. Make your intentions known Think about it – your superiors […]

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