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Seasonal Job – How to Survive the “Black Hole”

When you have a seasonal job, the black hole is the time between the end of Employment Insurance benefits and the beginning of your seasonal job. How do you get through this period? Some advice. Improve yourself Emploi-Québec has put measures in place to help seasonal workers through this potentially difficult period. Under certain conditions […]


Towards an Agile Workforce

Many experts are now talking about “agile work” as a trend that will profoundly transform the work world by 2025. In fact, nearly one-third of the country’s labour pool is already composed of these atypical workers (consultants, contractors, self-employed workers). And this movement is expected to increase, according to a study from Randstad Canada conducted […]

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Focus on the snow removal industry

 They’re busy on our streets during winter and you hear the sounds of their trucks from inside our homes. Snow removal is a part of our daily lives, but do we really have an idea of what their job is? Overview on a trade that is little known but which can be very attractive to […]

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Succeeding As a “Consultant” — Best Practices

Going into business puts the wind in your sails. Whether you are seeking greater freedom of action, to work on a variety of projects or to be your own boss, consulting is an appealing option. But becoming a “consultant” is not for novices. Between expertise and social skills, here are some tips to stand out. […]

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What Challenges Does a Neighbourhood Organic Grocery Store Face

Organic products are popular. According to QuébecBio, the number of businesses holding an organic certification went up from 1,592 in 2017 to 2,025 within a single year while the number of local organic products reached the impressive figure of 9,500. Points of sale of organic products have also multiplied in recent years. Located in the […]

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Qualities Sought in a Ski Instructor

 Fall is the time of year when ski resorts across the country are looking for ski and snowboard instructors. In addition to knowing how to ski well, what should you put on your resume to get a job? Level 1 required Whether for skiing or snowboarding, it is necessary to have a validated level 1 […]


Tips to Improve Your Display Windows

Visual presentation – it has an influence on whether passers-by will decide to step into a shop or not, and what they will come out with. Surprise, attract, inspire… Here are some keys to charm the eye of your customers! Visual merchandising of a product is more than just dressing up mannikins. In the sales […]

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IT and Temporary Work – a Natural Marriage

Information technology (IT) workers always seem to be jumping from one organization to another. But is this perception justified? What explains the significance of temporary work in this field? Two recruiters talk to us. “You have to make a difference between temporary jobs and the use of consultants,” says Bruno Filion, senior talent acquisition adviser […]

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Newcomers – Programs to Help You Find a Temporary Job

For both employers and transient workers, finding a job or hiring temporary employees is not always easy. But there are two federal government programs that can help – the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program and the International Mobility Program (IMP). Advantages and disadvantages of each.  The International Mobility Program (IMP) “allows employers to hire foreign […]


Is a Bartender Diploma a Good Idea?

With the new attraction for mixology, bars are finding new life and bartender’s qualifications are developing. To demystify the vast world of alcohol, several schools have been started. But what exactly do they offer? Previously considered as a simple student job, where the tasks consisted of mixing only one type of alcohol and a liqueur, […]

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Students – What Type of Part-Time Work to Choose?

Whether to finance studies, gain more independence, pay rent or simply to have more pocket money, there is no shortage of reasons to start looking for a part-time student job. Valuing your skills Whether you have decided to go for a food-related job or a position related to your field of study, it will in […]

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Getting the Most Out of an Interim Position

You have accepted an interim position, for example replacing someone on maternity leave. This is often the opportunity to show what you are capable of to a potential employer… who won’t let you go! How to get the most out of an interim position. “You have to view an interim position as a probation,” insists […]

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