Secrets to Quickly Integrating Into a Team

It is the lot of self-employed people or consultants who have temporary assignments to have to quickly integrate into a work team that has already been set up. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Observe, listen, question

At the earliest meetings, store up all relevant information: conduct, speaking, terms of discussions and characteristics of your new colleagues. Is it your turn to speak? Just be sure to present yourself, ask for explanations and clarifications.

Leave your former life at home

Avoid flaunting your previous jobs or assignments, which could give the impression that you are trying to impose your successes and experiences. “We can use our past experiences by referring to them as similar contexts or situations to make suggestions when we have just joined a new team,” explains Julie Bourbonnais, organizational psychologist and partner at Hors-Piste. It goes without saying that badmouthing a previous employer is absolutely to be avoided!

Some restraint

Do you know how to resolve the whole problem, or do you have an opinion about how the team meeting is conducted? Keep your precious thoughts to yourself and be content with reacting only in your own sphere of specialization as much as possible. “Don’t forget that as a self-employed worker or temporary employee you have to accept being considered as an added value to the team which has specific expectations about your support,” says Julie Bourbonnais. “It is a trap to be grandstanding too quickly.”

Deliver the promised goods

You are a temporary addition to this team, which is why your services have been preferred over hiring another employee. So you therefore have to meet specific, time-limited needs. In addition to asking questions about these expectations, be sure you deliver the goods and do so satisfactorily. Your presence within the team is ephemeral, so make sure that your colleagues of the moment have a good remembrance of the work you have accomplished.

Focus on relations and trust

Build respectful and professional connections through your observations and listening, as well as your ability to accomplish what is expected of you. These new colleagues will be your allies if they have confidence in you. And once the assignment is completed, they will certainly be able to testify to future clients as to your professionalism and ability to integrate into a team.

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