How to Find a Summer Job at the Last Minute

Summer is well underway but it’s not too late to find a job. Here are some tips for late-comers, offered by blogger and employment counsellor Zineb El-Alami.

1. Activate your network. Facebook is not only for entertainment – it can also be useful to find a job! But you still have to let your needs be known. Aside from social media, spread the word to your family and to local merchants. Never underestimate word-of-mouth!

2. Be proactive and demonstrate motivation. Even though day camps appear to be full and openings at shops are filled, don’t hesitate to offer your application spontaneously. Focusing on the hidden job market, you can sometimes find jobs that are not posted. In addition, it is important to ensure that you clearly communicate your motivation, explaining that despite the “late” approach you are excited and serious about working for the business in question.

3. Montreal, city of festivals! With all the summer festivals and events taking place on the island of Montreal and surroundings, there is always a possibility of a temporary job, even if you only find it at the last minute. Many of those working with them are students, some of whom leave their jobs along the way to travel or take in a bit of summer.

4. Visiting a local employment centre. There are several employment centres across the country to give a boost to your job search. More specifically, the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi is specifically aimed at young people aged 16 to 35 and can not only help prepare a CV but also introduce them to special programs. So some young people can take advantage of a financial boost to land their first experience on the job market. It’s worth making the trip!

5. Create your own job. While waiting to find a salaried job for the summer or even at the beginning, why not take things into your own hands to create your own job? How? Post a small ad for a personal service: babysitting (some families are even looking for someone full time), lawn mowing, animal care, tutoring, assistance for the elderly, etc.


So roll up your sleeves and don’t get discouraged!

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