Articles by Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours

Pay and benefits

Temporary Employment — a Means to Resupply the Labour Market

Temporary employment can be a good way to reintegrate into the labour market after a setback (professional or personal) or a prolonged absence (sabbatical year, maternity leave). “For someone who hasn’t worked for awhile, returning to work temporarily causes less stress and helps get back on their feet,” says Julie Gosselin, Employment Advisor at GIT […]

Career management

When Casual Employment Is a Career Choice

While freelance or contract employment is not what all workers would choose, some people deliberately opt for this type of work, whether for professional or personal reasons or a combination of the two. There are many reasons to choose to work only occasionally, despite the precariousness that this can sometimes cause: better work-family balance, longer […]

Not to be missed

Seasonal Job – How to Survive the “Black Hole”

When you have a seasonal job, the black hole is the time between the end of Employment Insurance benefits and the beginning of your seasonal job. How do you get through this period? Some advice. Improve yourself Emploi-Québec has put measures in place to help seasonal workers through this potentially difficult period. Under certain conditions […]


Working Outdoors in Winter – Preventing Injury

In addition to frostbite, working outdoors in extreme cold has health risks. Here are some tips to be able to continue dealing with winter when you have to work outdoors. The “onion peel” technique is very effective in fighting the cold. “It is primarily metabolic activity (beating heart, blood circulation, physical activity, etc.) that warms […] network