Technician for practical work Radio-oncology

July 2 2019
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Montreal, QC


With reference to the classification plan:

Under the supervision of the assistant director of studies, the person occupying the position of practical technician, for the radiation oncology position, assists teachers in the preparation, presentation, monitoring and evaluation of laboratory work, internship or workshop for teaching activities.

Job Specific:
In particular, it prepares and organizes laboratories and ensures the functionality, among other things, equipment, accessories and workstations for practical laboratories according to the protocols.

It provides support to students during laboratory activities, internships or workshops in collaboration with teachers. It provides surveillance and site security during open laboratories. She works with students as demonstrator (performs manipulations, repeater (repeats, if necessary, explanations for manipulations) and monitor (accompanies during manipulations), as needed.

It ensures the maintenance of the inventory and its supply, together with the other technicians in practical work of its department and ensures compliance with health and safety standards during use, handling and maintenance. 'storage. It participates in the choice of specialized equipment, devices, tools, machines and laboratory instruments, assembles them, if necessary, ensures their operation and rational use and adapts them to specific needs. It may be required to establish links with various departments of the College, research and collect prior information and relevant for certain purchases to ensure compliance with the protocols.

It carries out the inspection, the calibration and the corrective and preventive maintenance, that is to say that it checks periodically the good operation of the equipment and if necessary, it makes the adjustments as well as some repairs while respecting health and safety standards at all times.

She participates in testing, experimenting or developing new experiences.

She takes part in the activities of the department as needed, notably by attending departmental meetings and collaborating in the preparation of laboratory calendars according to departmental requests.

It may be called upon to organize the work of support staff involved in carrying out programs or technical operations for which it is responsible and to initiate the work of such personnel.

It uses the technological tools of information and communications made available to it in connection with the work to be done. It keeps its knowledge up to date by following the required training with respect to various equipment, software, contaminants, working methods, etc.


  • Assist teachers in lab or other sessions.
  • See the preparation and the physical organization of the laboratories to ensure the smooth running.
  • Ensure, together with the other technicians in practical work of his department, the maintenance of the inventory and its supply.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the inventory of radioactive products, its supply and its handling in accordance with the standards and under the guidance of the head of radiation protection.
  • Plan and carry out inspection, maintenance, corrective and preventive activities, among others, in relation to the work environment, equipment and accessories in accordance with the trade standards.
  • Any other related activity without being limiting.


Required qualifications

  • Education / Experience:
  • Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) with appropriate field of specialization in particular in radiation-oncology technology or a diploma or a certificate of studies whose equivalence is recognized by the competent authority.
  • Other conditions required:
  • Knowledge of good laboratory practices;
  • Advanced technical skills in the adjustment and use of equipment;
  • Be a member of the Order of Medical Imaging, Radiation Oncology and Medical Electrophysiology Technologists of Quebec (OTIMROEPMQ);
  • Intermediate level of the oral and written French language;
  • Knowledge of a computer environment and tools in office automation:
  • Microsoft Office:
  • Word basic level;
  • Excel basic level.

Desired qualifications

  • Ability to understand technical documentation in English;
  • Knowledge of a computer environment and tools in office automation:
  • Microsoft Office: Outlook (calendar and email);
  • Software according to the field of specialization (radio oncology).
  • WHMIS certification;
  • Autonomy, initiative, sense of planning, organization, priority setting and and responsibilities;
  • Team spirit and interpersonal skills.
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